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I pray that my Spirit Team and myself will carry on bringing comfort and hope to those who have lost a loved one and fear they will never see them again –
we ARE Spirit, we have ALWAYS been Spirit and will forever BE Spirit – there is no such thing as death!

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A very warm welcome to my Spirit Art website.

I have been “Drawn to Spirit” since I was a young child. Spirit have made themselves known to me ever since I can remember; the most impressive connection was a couple of days after my much loved paternal Grandmother passed, on my thirteenth birthday. I was in the house alone, and had gone into the kitchen to make a sandwich.
From the living room I distinctly heard her voice calling my name, not once but three times. I have no doubt it was her, but at that time I was not confident or mature enough to know how to react, I should of course have acknowledged her, but I didn't, being a little confused and a little unnerved. Similar experiences continued during my formative years and well into my twenties.
By the time I reached my mid-thirties I had married and was a Mother to my two lovely sons. It was at this time that my dear Mother passed away. Believing as I did that there was another World, I needed to know she was alright in the Afterlife. To this end I started attending the local Spiritualist Church, from where I did indeed receive many messages from her and my family and friends who had left this life. I was inevitably drawn into this wonderful Spiritual World and consequently trained to become a Healer Trainer, a gift which I have always felt very blessed to have been given.



Time passed and I was told many times from Spirit that I would one day be a Spirit Artist, needless to say I was more than a little sceptical, but I should have known better as Spirit had other ideas for me. Subsequently, from the year 2000 onwards I was blessed to give demonstrations of Spirit Art with my dear friend Betty Hooper around the country, but mainly in the South West of England. For eight years this happy partnership continued until my partner David and I moved up to the North West of England in 2008. To say I was more than a little terrified to stand up on the rostrum alone that first time, to deliver clairvoyance AND draw a picture of a person’s loved one is an understatement. However, as always, my Team in Spirit were not about to let me down, the information and pictures were spot on and I truly gave thanks that first evening and have done ever since.



At this moment in time I continue to give demonstrations at Spiritual Centres in the United Kingdom and overseas, bringing forward souls to show themselves on paper and to connect with their loved ones on the Earthplane. Because of the interest and confirmation from those in the audiences at these venues asking for a private portrait of one of their Spirit Guides, I now offer Postal Portraits complete with Clairvoyance, and details of this and the Workshops I offer can be found on here on my web site. In 2014 I was honoured to become Ordained as a Minister, something which I feel only adds to my link with Spirit.



also, this is where my Spirit team and myself are today; since 2000 I have been working with my Spirit Guides who have diligently assisted me to hone my artwork and continue to do so. I will never cease to be amazed at the way Spirit work with me – I totally believe there is no such thing as coincidence, they are with us all the way throughout our lives, whether as a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel, linking us to meet the right people we need along our pathway, at the right place and at the right time – total synchronicity at its best. I pray that my Spirit Team and myself will carry on bringing comfort and hope to those who have lost a loved one and fear they will never see them again – we ARE Spirit, we have ALWAYS been Spirit and will forever BE Spirit – there is no such thing as death!

What is Spirit Art?

Spirit art is one of Spirit’s wonderful gifts which have been bestowed on Gillian. She is used as a channel to draw the images of family, friends, loved ones and Spirit Guides, enabling their loved ones on the Earthplane to KNOW that they are still living and caring for them on the Other Side; this knowledge that they are not gone forever brings so much comfort and hope to those who still grieve and mourn. Clairvoyance is also given with each portrait that she draws; sometimes a random fact is given from Spirit which to Gillian makes no sense, but to the client it may be the one piece of evidence they have been waiting for.


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Help and Information

Some frequently asked questions and answers.

Q. Do you only work in the UK?

Spirit Art Workshop

A. All Spirit Portraits can be sent anywhere in the World. As to the workshops and demonstrations of Spirit Art, I have worked in Spain several times and am due to work in Canada during 2015.

Spirit Art Workshop - Spain 2015

10 Feb 2015

Q. Are all of the Spirit drawings in Colour?

Spirit drawings in Colour

A. The Spirit Guide portraits that I am able to send anywhere in the World are all drawn in coloured pastels. They are produced on A3 paper and take approximately 4 hours to complete. These portraits all come with 4 to 5 typed pages of clairvoyance.

Spirit drawings in Colour

10 Feb 2015

Q. How do I order a Spirit Drawing?

How do I order a Spirit Drawing

A. Gillian has provides a form, together with full instructions on how to receive your Spirit Drawing. To download the form either in Microsoft Word (docx) or Adode (pdf) please view the Drawn To Spirit Events section below.

Ordering a Spirit Drawing

28 Oct 2010

Drawn to Spirit Events

I hold Spirit Art Demonstrations mostly at Spiritualist Churches or Centres, Workshops across the United Kingdom, Europe and North America and private postal readings anywhere in the World. Please contact me for further information about all of these events – I look forward to hearing from you!
To order your Spirit Guide Drawing, please download and print my online request form by clicking either of these links:
Request in Microsoft Word (docx) Request in Adobe (pdf).


Gillian Berridge

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All bookings for events, workshops and private sittings may be made via my on-line 'Booking Form'. Alternatively, if you have any questions not covered in my help section and wish to contact me, please use the contact form shown below. Your patience in awaiting my reply would be very much appreciated - due to the nature of my work and my often being away from home I'm not always able to easily access the internet and my emails. Thank you for your understanding...

Leyland, Lancashire